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  1. New client patch can be found here: Please note you NEED this patch in order to connect!
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Hi guys, things have been super hectic on my end. I've been working these last few days to squash some of the bugs that have come up and things are coming along nicely. I've cleaned up the client side a bit and added our logo here and there. I also fixed a few missing textures.

On the server side, I've managed to fix quite a few minor bugs including some annoying ones regarding targetting for party skills. I am also still working on custom zones which is going to cut it close to launch time.

As for the website, it's been updated, with our new logo and new look and nice things :). Hope to see you all in game! Here's the new patch:!Zg8EVTLR!26yCSCVUjiE954m3WyRZDLTAcB0GPzvS5ZwmCGMTUiw

As we get closer to January, things are starting to fall into place with the server. I'm slowly but surely getting things polished and touched up. Still working on some minor things, but so far things are coming into place nicely. As of today we now have some VERY good bot protection. This is stage two of a four stage process.

The first stage was getting a good server source code that we could modify as needed, and customizing it how we needed. This was done through most of november and december. We then got bot protection as stage two, and updated the client as needed. The next two stages will be getting a decent launcher/updater, and ADVERTISING. There is also some minor website work I need to do, which is an ongoing process.

Still no confirmed launch date, as I am also still in the process of trying to get some GMs and build a better Staff. Once I have an idea of that a launch date will be established.

Lastly, I have decided to go ahead and change the server name. When I registered the l2infinite domain, I did not realize there was a previous existing l2infinite. I did not want this server to be shadowed by another which we have nothing to do with, nor did I want the server to be mistaken.

Our new home is L2 Allure. I really like the new name, and feel it is incredibly fitting. I hope you all enjoy it!

Best wishes!

P.S. Here's the new patch:!80FAhbSB!mVEajCn4ULRkxYru3wJNeMaRANJ0NuwCaWpCfy-RTzk
Hi guys, I have been incredibly busy with my job and holidays and family, I will have some time within the next few days to do some more work on the server throughout Christmas. I hope everyone has a great holiday break! Stay tuned for updates! Merry Christmas <3
Hello everyone,

I have decided to go ahead and open this project up to the public. The goals of this server are as follows:

-All classes are useful
-All crafting is useful
-All zones are useful
-Everything has a purpose

There are no custom gears, no custom AIOs, no custom buffers or buff times. There will be custom features added later such as hunting zones, boss drops, things that need to be tweaked and modified as time progresses, but the ultimate goal is to have the server similar to retail, with boosted XP, and for everyone to have fun. Please also keep in mind that both the server and website are very much in development still.

For information on connecting, follow this link:

Additionally, I am looking for GMs and Moderators. If you enjoy the server and feel you would be able to contribute positively to the community, Please let me know. I will be considering people for GM/Mod within the next few weeks. Thank you all <3